Two Roads

Decisively we came where we didn’t crave to,
We tried not to come there too,
But what has to occur indubitably will,
And it will one day all our pipedreams kill.
Came we to the spot of two swerving streets,
One to the north-west, the other to the east.
We had a choice and had to choose,
Whether to walk together or leave our hands loose,
And with the latter did we proceed,
Although both of us knew we would recede.
The road is the one on which we walk,
Whichever we walk on, that is our road.
Let’s be strangers with our lives said we,
And with each other never shall meet we.

The road I was walking was unknown to me,
No one to clutch my hand, a silence eerie.
And she was feeling quite alike too,
Because our souls were one, only bodies two.
The two roads had parted, and with them we,
Never again would we each other see,
Or may be in dreams or up in paradise,
We will meet once again, an anticipation nice.

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