Lost Forever

Fades an echo into the night tonight,
A mournful and eerie sound.
A shooting star, it disappears from my sight,
And I crumble down to the ground.
No life, only death in this garden hereafter,
My cries are the only sound,
I have myself poisoned the honeyed fountain,
From where your love could be found.

Dazed I stare at the stars above,
My howls filling the night,
Unintended yet occurred betrayal of love,
Has cornered you from my sight.
I still remember the times when
We shared each fear and delight,
An invaluable treasure you are for me,
How can I make things right?

I feel now afraid, lonely and cold,
And long to tell you how I feel,
But you do not wish to hear me may be,
And I miss you each night at my meal.
Should I back away, and build a wall,
And block away whatever I feel,
Or should I allow you to take some time,
And give myself time to heal.

Fades an echo into the night tonight,
And disappears slowly our friendship,
I do not know what is right and wrong,
For me it’s only another death’s sip.
And if I approach you yet again,
Will the old wounds again apart rip?
I can’t stand here to cause you pain,
Let me go away in death’s ship.

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