Love Kills

Expressions and emotions peculiar they are,
Say they everything yet remain unsaid
What we want to keep from them far,
As if to disclose themselves they are afraid.
Don’t love me so that I die in your arms,
Far away let’s go to those farms,
Where farmers die and no one asks,
Hidden is the truth under so many masks.
Yes it is true that love kills all,
Where small things seem big and big seem small,
Where even the smallest walls seem tall,
And where after reaching you are sure to fall.
When I was small I heard a fable,
Of a good good girl who was named Sable,
She did all that she was supposed to do,
Homework, courtesy, food, and standing in a queue,
Yet one day when in the forest she walked,
A fox saw her and killed she was,
She loved her life, oh, she loved it a lot,
But love kills you, and leaves you to rot.
From then I had decided never to fall,
In love because it’s blind and it hurts to fall.


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