Stitched With Thorns

Prick those which stay even after,
I try to pick them out with all my strife,
I try to unstitch what was woven,
Stitched with thorns my life.
My dreams are woven of thorns which prick,
I keep on living and the clocks tick,
No hand to grasp on to even if I fall,
Small walls in front of me yet they seem so tall.
Smashing windows, the glasses prick,
Stitched with thorns, my dreams are sick,
Life was, is, and will be tough,
Yet I’ll go on swimming may the sea be rough.
I keep on walking, I know that sometime,
The road will finally end, when the death bells will chime.
The roads are thorny, bare are my feet,
Bleed they badly, yet I will walk on the street.
I am now blind, someone I need,
Who’ll tightly grasp my hand, and pay me heed.
Where are those days where countless were my friends?
Gone are they far, never to come again.
Slowly yet steadily I now remove the thorn,
And I will be happy again at some other dawn.

4 thoughts on “Stitched With Thorns

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