I Need You

Failed those who desperately did try,
To tell me that I should not cry,
Failed those who tried to make me smile,
Failed those who tried to bring me back from exile.
Only succeeded the pain, the pain of the soul,
And I kept hearing the sound of the death bells toll.
The day would pass waiting for the night,
And nights anticipating the bright morning light,
Nothing seemed worthy, all seemed fake,
And I was living only for its sake.
The light was gone, never to come back,
And I was aware of what my life did lack.
Kept yet I mum, never my lips spoke,
And never got to know the ignorant city folk,
Why what had occurred had actually occurred,
And who of all had the most suffered.
You know I need you, then tell me why,
Just to keep me smiling you did lie,
Said all would be fine when you did know,
That apparently it was not so.
I am now shattered and torn apart,
Where you did finish, I have to start,
But you know I can’t and you know I won’t,
And you know I need you so don’t say you don’t.


8 thoughts on “I Need You

    1. i hate ppl doin private things πŸ˜› n dnt ovr-compliment me πŸ˜› bein fit enuff to be cld a writer is k, bein cald a “wonderful writr” is strictly nt accepted. πŸ˜›


      1. sigh, alryt please urslf πŸ˜› here u go :p u r horrible,idk wt made u thnk u cud write πŸ˜› do u evn knw wt alphabets r πŸ˜› ur sch a lujjer πŸ˜› im sure ur th one hu supplies jingles fr doordarshan propaganda :p y hvnt u jmpd off a cliff yet? :p ur bst wrk mst b smthng like dis- chini chawal aata daal/ sarkari rashan…purn aahaar! πŸ˜›

        is dat enuf?

        cnt evn accpt compliments sharafat se :p


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