And again as usual I simply smile,
All my attempts still infertile,
And it has happened quite often this way,
So habituated I am, I can say if I may.
All my friends even today to me say,
People in dreams, they in dreams stay,
I don’t know why still I deny,
And destiny itself will I some day defy.
That I wished and I got,
Something I always sought,
It hardly has happened ever till date,
And I’ve left everything now upon fate,
Flow along with it where it’ll take,
See real things for once, tired of everything fake.
But time heals all, except for one,
I will love you always, though I never won.
Risky is life, subject to losing it,
And still I give it up, if for you I am not fit.
Seldom comes the time when I forget you,
Tell me what you feel, give me at least a clue,
And once I understand that nobody I am,
I will run away from your life, as far as I can.

Two Roads

Decisively we came where we didn’t crave to,
We tried not to come there too,
But what has to occur indubitably will,
And it will one day all our pipedreams kill.
Came we to the spot of two swerving streets,
One to the north-west, the other to the east.
We had a choice and had to choose,
Whether to walk together or leave our hands loose,
And with the latter did we proceed,
Although both of us knew we would recede.
The road is the one on which we walk,
Whichever we walk on, that is our road.
Let’s be strangers with our lives said we,
And with each other never shall meet we.

The road I was walking was unknown to me,
No one to clutch my hand, a silence eerie.
And she was feeling quite alike too,
Because our souls were one, only bodies two.
The two roads had parted, and with them we,
Never again would we each other see,
Or may be in dreams or up in paradise,
We will meet once again, an anticipation nice.

They Shall Not Grow Old

A sinusoidal wave is indeed my life,
Happiness, sadness, easy-going and strife.
Average it and zero it becomes,
Balanced properly is indeed my life.
The emotions which overcome me each moment,
They shall not grow old.

The green leaves on the green trees,
Amidst the green green forest.
The blue waves from the blue waters,
Amidst the blue blue ocean.
Leaves will come, and waves will come,
And then they’ll go and again they’ll come,
They shall not grow old.

The smile on the face of a baby when it sees,
Others smiling at him;
The laugh when it is tickled by someone,
Who laughs along with him;
The smile and the laugh on that face of the baby,
They shall not grow old.

The security of one being loved by his love,
The joy of anticipation of one to be loved,
The pain of departure, the happiness of unison,
And departure again only for a reunion,
They shall not grow old.

Times have come and times have gone,
Men have come and men have gone,
Time and tide ever waits for none,
But my love for you is as it was,
It shall not grow old.

Lost Forever

Fades an echo into the night tonight,
A mournful and eerie sound.
A shooting star, it disappears from my sight,
And I crumble down to the ground.
No life, only death in this garden hereafter,
My cries are the only sound,
I have myself poisoned the honeyed fountain,
From where your love could be found.

Dazed I stare at the stars above,
My howls filling the night,
Unintended yet occurred betrayal of love,
Has cornered you from my sight.
I still remember the times when
We shared each fear and delight,
An invaluable treasure you are for me,
How can I make things right?

I feel now afraid, lonely and cold,
And long to tell you how I feel,
But you do not wish to hear me may be,
And I miss you each night at my meal.
Should I back away, and build a wall,
And block away whatever I feel,
Or should I allow you to take some time,
And give myself time to heal.

Fades an echo into the night tonight,
And disappears slowly our friendship,
I do not know what is right and wrong,
For me it’s only another death’s sip.
And if I approach you yet again,
Will the old wounds again apart rip?
I can’t stand here to cause you pain,
Let me go away in death’s ship.

Love Kills

Expressions and emotions peculiar they are,
Say they everything yet remain unsaid
What we want to keep from them far,
As if to disclose themselves they are afraid.
Don’t love me so that I die in your arms,
Far away let’s go to those farms,
Where farmers die and no one asks,
Hidden is the truth under so many masks.
Yes it is true that love kills all,
Where small things seem big and big seem small,
Where even the smallest walls seem tall,
And where after reaching you are sure to fall.
When I was small I heard a fable,
Of a good good girl who was named Sable,
She did all that she was supposed to do,
Homework, courtesy, food, and standing in a queue,
Yet one day when in the forest she walked,
A fox saw her and killed she was,
She loved her life, oh, she loved it a lot,
But love kills you, and leaves you to rot.
From then I had decided never to fall,
In love because it’s blind and it hurts to fall.

Stitched With Thorns

Prick those which stay even after,
I try to pick them out with all my strife,
I try to unstitch what was woven,
Stitched with thorns my life.
My dreams are woven of thorns which prick,
I keep on living and the clocks tick,
No hand to grasp on to even if I fall,
Small walls in front of me yet they seem so tall.
Smashing windows, the glasses prick,
Stitched with thorns, my dreams are sick,
Life was, is, and will be tough,
Yet I’ll go on swimming may the sea be rough.
I keep on walking, I know that sometime,
The road will finally end, when the death bells will chime.
The roads are thorny, bare are my feet,
Bleed they badly, yet I will walk on the street.
I am now blind, someone I need,
Who’ll tightly grasp my hand, and pay me heed.
Where are those days where countless were my friends?
Gone are they far, never to come again.
Slowly yet steadily I now remove the thorn,
And I will be happy again at some other dawn.

I Need You

Failed those who desperately did try,
To tell me that I should not cry,
Failed those who tried to make me smile,
Failed those who tried to bring me back from exile.
Only succeeded the pain, the pain of the soul,
And I kept hearing the sound of the death bells toll.
The day would pass waiting for the night,
And nights anticipating the bright morning light,
Nothing seemed worthy, all seemed fake,
And I was living only for its sake.
The light was gone, never to come back,
And I was aware of what my life did lack.
Kept yet I mum, never my lips spoke,
And never got to know the ignorant city folk,
Why what had occurred had actually occurred,
And who of all had the most suffered.
You know I need you, then tell me why,
Just to keep me smiling you did lie,
Said all would be fine when you did know,
That apparently it was not so.
I am now shattered and torn apart,
Where you did finish, I have to start,
But you know I can’t and you know I won’t,
And you know I need you so don’t say you don’t.