When you get tired of seeing me unhappy,
And you find no means of making me happy,
When you get time to think about me,
Call me O lord to you and I will follow thee.
Tired of this world and frustrated am I,
The people over here are cold and wry,
Living skeletons and dead flesh stay here,
Call me O lord and I will see you near.
Kill me tonight, however you may wish,
As out of water dies a fish,
Take my life and make my wish come true,
Tell me You want me near you too.
Burnt is my home, the home of love,
Hatred wins all time, living is tough,
You made me to live, now kill me soon,
I want to see heaven and with it the moon.
There was a time my love used to flourish,
No one did think one day it would perish,
I wish only I had not surrendered,
For that moment itself my love was murdered.
Bled it so much that red became the sea,
And no one could recognize that it was me.
The same moment has come again you see,
So call me O lord, and I will follow thee.

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