Those Eyes

Perhaps even they are angry tonight,
That’s why the stars aren’t shining that bright.
Awake at nights, pillows wet,
Eyes closed, still they are set
On those two eyes on that pretty face,
Black, blue, green, they change color always.
Far away on the sky so high,
Everyone looks at that star with a sigh,
Wish it were on earth tonight,
And wish it would be shining bright,
Why god called him, no one knows,
When He will call us, no one knows,
But happy I am that once again will I,
Meet him when I too go so high,
And silently I wait for that journey to start,
When I will be placed in everyone’s heart.
When I was born I cried, others laughed,
Do something so that others cry, I laugh.
And I know deep that at least one will be sad,
Irrespective of the fact that I am good or bad,
My eyes are still set on those two eyes,
All my truth seeming mere lies,
I don’t know how to justify me to her,
Being near her, yet I feel so far.
Sparrows die and no one asks,
All wrath hidden in happy masks.
My fingers are cold now, cold as the ice,
Yet my eyes still look for those two eyes.

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