Lonely Nights

First time this is, and may be it the last,
For we do not get to know time travels so fast,
I have been sitting alone for quite some time today,
Thinking about things that happen day to day.
And looking back at things of the past,
I wonder how long can one’s happiness last.
Yesterday I was somewhere else it seems,
And today to find that place my heart screams,
But alas in vain for what is gone won’t return,
And the wounds it has given day and night more burn.
I think quietly of all the fights,
I fought with myself to overcome the lonely nights,
Yet as usual I failed in my endeavor,
And in that process experienced pains severe.
Oh lord who sees what I do now and then,
Punish me severely and show me the den,
The den where I will end my pathetic life,
And with that will end all my strife.
People will be happy and will curiously smile,
And will recognize me from a distant mile,
They will say it is good that he is alive no more,
And somewhere deep in the jungle I will then roar,
Make me a lion when I am born again,
I don’t want to endure any more this pain,
Time has come and it has said,
‘It is time for you to be dead’.

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