Tonight I accept it was my fault,
That I should have come long ago to a halt.
I shouldn’t have done what I did with you,
And strong like you are very few,
To face the consequences yet still smile at me,
I am ashamed as much as can be.
Today I realized what love means to you,
I came across an emotion to me completely new.
That love can take the life out of one,
It can make someone burn like the sun.
Come back to me, let the time rewind,
Let us together in an eternal relation bind.
And you will not do so I already know,
Yet still god knows why I ask you for so,
May be tonight I feel acutely the pain,
Of burning in the fire even in the rain.
No sense it makes what I say right now,
It doesn’t make a difference even if I vow,
To stay with you till the end of my life,
To struggle with you through each and every strife.
But there is a hope somewhere in my heart deep,
That I will be punished for making you weep.
I am ready for it, come what may,
I will gladly follow whatever you say.
Only be a part of this insignificant life of mine,
And day by day we’ll grow better as old wine.

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