Abyss 2

The destiny of true love no one knows,
From where it starts and to where it goes.
To change the rose from white to red,
The bird on it the whole night bled,
Died in the morning, yet the color didn’t stay,
The rose faded out, and lived its own way.
She claimed to love her more than herself,
The world for her was he, she said to herself.
The poor boy died, and she went mad,
We all tried to calm her, ’cause we knew she was sad.
Every now and then she would talk about him,
Day and night she sung the same hymn.
We sympathized with her and tried to say,
You must go on, come what may,
She denied everything and said to me,
Till my death, only his I will be.
Yet I don’t know why after months only two,
She quickly found her partner new.
Even we had not recovered till then,
For his dreams haunted us like a silent wren,
We kept quiet and numb, for happy she was,
A new ray of hope, a gain after a loss.
But somewhere deep in my heart a fear has been born,
Will my love do the same thing after I am gone?

12 thoughts on “Abyss 2

  1. Thank you! I was just reading your Choco-Vanilla essay. It’s really insightful. Did you read my blog on bin Laden? It’s the one you linked to. I talk a bit about prejudice in that. To me, it seems like people resort to prejudice as away of avoiding personal responsibility- if you make a certain group of people inherently ‘inferior’ to you then you become good by comparison to them, rather than by actually doing good deeds.

    I’ll continue to poke around here and have a look at things πŸ™‚


    1. Hey yeah, I did read, in fact, I linked only after reading πŸ™‚ You do write very beautifully. And thanx, keep wandering in my site. πŸ™‚ It ll pass your time and do me good too. πŸ™‚


    1. Yeah, I have written a lot, considering that I started in late December, a number of 37 poems is quite a bit in 4 months. πŸ™‚ And you can read my prose, stories, as well as the stand-alone page Autumn too, I personally love that. And of course, if you want to read something like gender inequality and stuff, there’s an essay on it in the page Choco-Vanilla. And a serenading to the soldiers in Remnants. Check them out!

      And I just read through the laughter of the void, and I must say you can write touching things in a very simple manner. πŸ™‚


  2. Ah, well fair enough. I’m very sorry to hear that. Anyway thanks again.

    What did you think of my poem? You seem very experienced!



    1. hey, i hav been writing for less than a year + ppl of 19 are nt supposed to be experienced. πŸ™‚ Can you tell me exactly which poem u are talking about? I mean, give me the link. πŸ™‚


  3. Hi there. Thank you for the link.

    I enjoyed your poem. I think I would prefer it if after I died my wife/ long-term partner (not that I currently have one) found someone else. Better than that they spend the rest of their days alone, no?


    1. hehe, I wouldn’t rather comment on that. I’m merely 19 :). My friend passed away last year, he was 18 then. When I was writing this poem, I thought of dedicating this to him. He had a girlfriend, and the rest follows in the poem. πŸ™‚


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