Orb of Serenity

Far from this world yet quite near you,
It is with everyone yet realize it few,
It’s calm as the dawn as fresh as dew,
It’s the orb of serenity, and it isn’t something new.
When maggots slowly become butterflies,
When the truth around you seem all lies,
When you are engulfed in an assembly of disunity,
Be calm and composed, stay in your orb of serenity.
Quietude is what the world lacks today,
And people are moving from each other away,
As if someone has led them astray,
Lord show them the light to the correct way.
The seas after the tide stay tranquil for a while,
Forget all your sorrows, take out time for a smile.
The night passes away, the stars do not shine,
Everything is destroyed, yet they feel it is fine,
Even in deep sorrows they stay on cloud nine,
And they are blessed then by the divine.
Leaves wither off, and old trees die,
Nothing remains, happiness becomes wry,
Complacency overpowers, and everything else seems small,
Yet once again sometime other the same walls will seem tall,
You have risen surely today, yet I am sure you will fall,
And one day or another, you will have to answer His call.

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