Forbidden Love

The apple’s too sweet, I can see that already,
But I dare not touch it, it belongs to somebody.
Only God knows how day and night,
I resist my temptation with all my might.
It’s fascinating to be the apple’s caretaker,
Love it and yet love it not, behave like a faker.
It’s like the truth that the self wishes to deny,
It’s a mild happiness, yet one which is cold and wry.
Sitting under the glittering sun I sympathize with myself,
I keep crying all day and at nights talk to the elf,
Smiles which if they could would kill me ten times,
And somewhere behind I hear the bell chimes.
A river, they say, is there somewhere around,
Where many a people were killed by a hound.
I will go there and call with me the dove,
It will listen to my story, my story of forbidden love.
Cool and calm and composed those nights,
Have all died away and gone are the lights,
The stars twinkled and went off to sleep,
No one in the world my happiness could keep.
All but one left me forever,
And that one who did not did me a favor.
A favor by disappearing in the mist by the daylight,
And thinking about whom now passes my night.
Whoever you are come back to me,
The mermaid of my dreams, it’s you who my eyes die to see.

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