When you get tired of seeing me unhappy,
And you find no means of making me happy,
When you get time to think about me,
Call me O lord to you and I will follow thee.
Tired of this world and frustrated am I,
The people over here are cold and wry,
Living skeletons and dead flesh stay here,
Call me O lord and I will see you near.
Kill me tonight, however you may wish,
As out of water dies a fish,
Take my life and make my wish come true,
Tell me You want me near you too.
Burnt is my home, the home of love,
Hatred wins all time, living is tough,
You made me to live, now kill me soon,
I want to see heaven and with it the moon.
There was a time my love used to flourish,
No one did think one day it would perish,
I wish only I had not surrendered,
For that moment itself my love was murdered.
Bled it so much that red became the sea,
And no one could recognize that it was me.
The same moment has come again you see,
So call me O lord, and I will follow thee.

Those Eyes

Perhaps even they are angry tonight,
That’s why the stars aren’t shining that bright.
Awake at nights, pillows wet,
Eyes closed, still they are set
On those two eyes on that pretty face,
Black, blue, green, they change color always.
Far away on the sky so high,
Everyone looks at that star with a sigh,
Wish it were on earth tonight,
And wish it would be shining bright,
Why god called him, no one knows,
When He will call us, no one knows,
But happy I am that once again will I,
Meet him when I too go so high,
And silently I wait for that journey to start,
When I will be placed in everyone’s heart.
When I was born I cried, others laughed,
Do something so that others cry, I laugh.
And I know deep that at least one will be sad,
Irrespective of the fact that I am good or bad,
My eyes are still set on those two eyes,
All my truth seeming mere lies,
I don’t know how to justify me to her,
Being near her, yet I feel so far.
Sparrows die and no one asks,
All wrath hidden in happy masks.
My fingers are cold now, cold as the ice,
Yet my eyes still look for those two eyes.

Lonely Nights

First time this is, and may be it the last,
For we do not get to know time travels so fast,
I have been sitting alone for quite some time today,
Thinking about things that happen day to day.
And looking back at things of the past,
I wonder how long can one’s happiness last.
Yesterday I was somewhere else it seems,
And today to find that place my heart screams,
But alas in vain for what is gone won’t return,
And the wounds it has given day and night more burn.
I think quietly of all the fights,
I fought with myself to overcome the lonely nights,
Yet as usual I failed in my endeavor,
And in that process experienced pains severe.
Oh lord who sees what I do now and then,
Punish me severely and show me the den,
The den where I will end my pathetic life,
And with that will end all my strife.
People will be happy and will curiously smile,
And will recognize me from a distant mile,
They will say it is good that he is alive no more,
And somewhere deep in the jungle I will then roar,
Make me a lion when I am born again,
I don’t want to endure any more this pain,
Time has come and it has said,
‘It is time for you to be dead’.


Tonight I accept it was my fault,
That I should have come long ago to a halt.
I shouldn’t have done what I did with you,
And strong like you are very few,
To face the consequences yet still smile at me,
I am ashamed as much as can be.
Today I realized what love means to you,
I came across an emotion to me completely new.
That love can take the life out of one,
It can make someone burn like the sun.
Come back to me, let the time rewind,
Let us together in an eternal relation bind.
And you will not do so I already know,
Yet still god knows why I ask you for so,
May be tonight I feel acutely the pain,
Of burning in the fire even in the rain.
No sense it makes what I say right now,
It doesn’t make a difference even if I vow,
To stay with you till the end of my life,
To struggle with you through each and every strife.
But there is a hope somewhere in my heart deep,
That I will be punished for making you weep.
I am ready for it, come what may,
I will gladly follow whatever you say.
Only be a part of this insignificant life of mine,
And day by day we’ll grow better as old wine.

Abyss 2

The destiny of true love no one knows,
From where it starts and to where it goes.
To change the rose from white to red,
The bird on it the whole night bled,
Died in the morning, yet the color didn’t stay,
The rose faded out, and lived its own way.
She claimed to love her more than herself,
The world for her was he, she said to herself.
The poor boy died, and she went mad,
We all tried to calm her, ’cause we knew she was sad.
Every now and then she would talk about him,
Day and night she sung the same hymn.
We sympathized with her and tried to say,
You must go on, come what may,
She denied everything and said to me,
Till my death, only his I will be.
Yet I don’t know why after months only two,
She quickly found her partner new.
Even we had not recovered till then,
For his dreams haunted us like a silent wren,
We kept quiet and numb, for happy she was,
A new ray of hope, a gain after a loss.
But somewhere deep in my heart a fear has been born,
Will my love do the same thing after I am gone?

Left Alone

When everything happens so fast you can’t stop,
When the big show of love you showed turns out a flop,
When you fall deep down after reaching the top,
That’s when you realize you have been left alone.
When the girl you love doesn’t do so to you,
When another girl gives you a similar clue,
When you try to pretend to both you are true,
That’s when you realize you have been left alone.
When the nights go sleepless not in their thought,
But for a queer feeling of how your senses fought,
When at the wrong aim you your love shot,
That’s when you realize you have been left alone.
When the horror of the mind becomes a reality,
When you are proved false of your versatility,
When friendship dies out and gives birth to enmity,
That’s when you realize you have been left alone.
When for the question asked you don’t have a reply,
When you wish only to the past you could fly,
When life seems meaningless and you wish you’ die,
That’s when you realize you have been left alone.
When there’s a lot to write and you cannot,
When you wish you could cry, but you cannot,
When you look around and anyone you find not,
That’s when you realize you have been left alone.

Square One 2

… The earth will crumble to pieces when I see,
That him of her where I should be.
But I’ll stay quiet, dumb will I stay,
Will keep waiting for that one ray,
The ray of happiness that I’m sure will shine,
And one day what I want will be solely mine.
And then I’ll be on the top of the world,
The banner of my success will be unfurled.
And that him of her will be dumbfounded,
When all the world I’ll have astounded.
Keep calm oh self that day will come soon,
You will fly high as high as the moon.