Hello everyone. 🙂 A small intro to this category.. in case you all are wondering what I am trying to say through the next few posts in this category.

The classical elements are those which reflect the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything consists or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of anything are based. Accordingly, there are five of them – fire, water, earth, air and void. I, personally, believe that each and every single element of these represent love – in its own form.

Octaves are sequences of eight lines which follow a particular rhythm – abba abba, i.e., the first and fourth, second and third, fifth and eighth, and sixth and seventh rhyme with each other.

I have tried to combine all this and present to you five octaves on the five classical elements trying to show you, how I feel, they are connected to love. I sincerely hope you will read them and give me fruitful comments.


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