Names Fade

The breath passes softly through the air all time,
Creating a warmth that makes all the bells chime.
Standing beside the window on a cold frosty night,
Sticking myself to it very tight,
Writing her name through the breath on the window,
Trying to get rid day and night of my shadow.
But the breath disappears into its shade,
And although I don’t want, the names fade,
Fade and settle at the back of my mind,
And I can’t recall her face how much ever I rewind.
Everything which they said was impossible,
Now they seem so easily possible,
And they said getting you was so much possible,
Yet it turned out the only thing impossible.
The colors of life are fading slowly,
The lights diminishing, the light of life,
Those names back there in my mind are fading,
And I am going through a tough strife.
It seems as if the window panes cry each night,
They behave as if they are in a fright,
Fright that they too will lose from their pane,
A name that was written by a boy insane.
They cry aloud and the rivers murmur,
That he was the only one made for her,
But time keeps moving, and it will,
Until the day my body will chill.
I tell God at last, she is my only jade,
And may in my mind never her name fade.

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