I Love You Even Today

Men may change, time may pass,
Things may, or may not last,
Towns get looted, names fade soon,
The heart burns under the sun every noon,
Whatever may happen, and whatever does,
You should know how I feel, you really must.
Those days have passed when people understood,
Analysed their love, and it against the sand of times stood,
Yet the sands got washed by the sea one day,
The water took it away in its own way,
The strings got broken, they cried in pain,
The girl in love did things insane.
But deep in my soul, I do know a bit,
What people may think I don’t give a shit,
I want to tell you be it night or day,
Just like before, I love you even today.
Tired I am of staying alone,
Looking for hours your pictures on the phone,
So far from you yet so close I am,
People may say I am insane, I don’t give a damn.
I wait at the front door, you will come one day,
I am sure you will, how much ever no you say.
Smiles and happiness will kiss my feet,
Hand in hand, we’ll walk down that street,
And you know how I feel, even if you don’t say,
Just like before, I love you even today.

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