Changing Colors

It’s a strange feeling, the emotions overwhelm,
When you and I both feel the same,
When dreams come true, and roses change color,
And the plant we planted keeps growing taller.
We sat beside each other I remember,
And today I must surrender,
That at first sight I fell in love with you,
But had to wait for the rose to change its hue.
Waited for it to change from yellow to red,
Stayed awake night after night in my bed,
And I remember I cried when my mother said,
All this is sheer waste, love in world is dead.
Yet deep in my heart I believed in myself,
And kept carefully the cards on that upper shelf.
Day by day our friendship grew dearer,
And slowly and stealthily we came nearer,
Under the table at the tuition,
Your and my legs in a close fusion,
Those days have gone when in the lightning and rain,
You’d hold me tightly, giving me a sweet pain,
The rose had changed from yellow to red,
Although to say so neither of us dared.
That night I remember when we slowly hissed,
And behind the building we both kissed.
Then ran away in fear that we might be caught,
And thinking of what we did we both fought.
I remember when I told you I actually love you,
And you smiled and you said you do so too,
Had I only been a little early may be,
You would have been mine, now I can see.
Where are you? Where am I?
Here only, but we both deny.
Come back to me, I know you will,
And till then I will wait, silent and still.

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