** I dedicate this verse to one of my best friends over time, and who sadly isn’t with me anymore. Abhishek Kumar (Nov. 8, 1991 – May 25, 2010). I miss you a lot. **

And now again my dreams you fill,
With your presence around the ambience you kill.
I don’t like your presence in this peculiar way,
Either come back to where we were or just go away.
Gone away are those days when we played at school,
Together cracked jokes and made the teacher a fool.
You never said goodbye, you just left me,
As on the shore, leaves the sand the sea.
How thought-provoking it was to think,
That wearing glasses and a watch you would sink,
But the truth is truth, and question it we cannot,
Although my life you made it into a naught.
I cannot say much, my lips are behind a seal,
The grief that you gave me by going, the wounds can never heal.
Yet don’t be so happy, for very very soon,
I’ll come to meet you and we’ll play on the moon.
We’ll talk of things you heard, not saw,
We’ll again laugh at jokes, proper and raw.
I still wish we’d study and roam on bikes as we did,
And do all and everything we did when I was a kid.
I challenge you to come back, and as always you lose,
You know I have lost much more, yet I know you will refuse.
Don’t worry so much because that day is coming soon,
Abyss and Anindya will play together on the moon.

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