I have a dream, my only dream,
That one final day in life,
Will come the princess I am looking for,
And will bear fruits to my strife.
I see that day in the distance now,
In white she comes down the stairs oh wow,
Her dress down till just above the knee,
The rest of the legs are fair and free.
There is a slight tinge of black beneath her eyes,
It’s the kohl I know, and she never cries,
She has that smile, that evergreen one,
Her skin glitters like gold under the sun.
When she puts her hand in mine,
A cold breeze, a wave, rushes through my spine,
It goes up till the head and then down to the feet,
We keep walking though empty is the street.
The anklets of her, the chimes like the bell,
Far though she is, her presence I can tell.
She a fairy, she a mermaid,
Her house was to which all my paths led.
Clouds surround, and lightning loud,
They all shout to me aloud,
Go and tell her she is your princess,
You have to anyway confess,
And when she knows what she supposes already,
She will hug you as she hugs her teddy.
Oh wake up oh self and go tell her,
You will get a smile or she will get a shudder.

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