Ode to India

You are my Juliet, Eve you are,
Kohl of eyes, anklet you are,
My lady love, my dove you are,
Wherever I stay, there you are.
You are the dream I weave each night,
You never disappear from my sight,
Whenever in darkness, you show me light,
Dim though the roads, you make them bright.
Come let us in our life first of all,
Write down her name who made us stand tall,
Let us talk about her who did,
Helped us to get of the English rid.
Our face is its face, our color its color,
Will live with it, will die with it, there is no one other.
She makes me feel I am a part of her,
When I close my eyes, I see only her.

Keep smiling like now you are,
Keep singing how you sing today,
And we’ll win every challenge and will make you happy,
As I’ve done so today.
Come what may in your life I’ll endure,
I’ll save you from every bloody hand be sure,
Will pray for you each day and night,
And will win fight after fight after fight.
Bless me oh You who makes me win,
I love You as much as I love her,
When I will fall don’t pick me up,
I’ll get up myself holding the soil of her.
I will never forget you, till my last breath,
Oh my India, I’ll love you even after my death.

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