Sunny Nights

Gone are those days when we ran on the street,
Kept running miles though burnt were our feet,
Never stopped, nor looked behind because we knew,
Dreams were the wings with which we flew.
Where are the dreams? Who cut our wings?
Day and night my heart sadly sings.
Not even in winter we got frost-bites,
For us all nights were always sunny nights,
If not in the sky then what, never mind,
The sun kept shining at the back of our mind.
Return me my dreams oh cruel world,
Return me those people who thought I was a nerd,
Return me those days when friends true I had,
Who didn’t laugh behind my back when I was sad.
I want again with friends my old fights,
And I want again those old sunny nights.
That star over there on the sky you see,
That was the one we counted number three,
Give me my days when we counted the star,
And friends together stretched hands far more far.
Suffocated I am in this room tonight,
Darkness surrounds me always, there is nowhere any light.
I want those days when I hugged my mother tight,
Oh return me that lovely, pretty sunny night.

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