Make me a bird, I’ll fly with you,
Through the clouds and the sky,
Over the mountains so high,
I’ll change my color, turn it to your hue.
You be the breeze and I will be the gale,
Let the people be a lesson taught,
And then we will see whether or not,
Through our storm the true lovers will sail.


Let me sink into your ocean of love,
Sometimes salty, sometimes sweet,
I promise you today never will I you cheat,
Oh my lady magic, my pretty dove.
Stay calm and the ask them to not arise,
The tide angry by the false love shown,
It has for the moon the same affection borne,
And will continue to do so till its demise.


Fair-skinned lady, oh watery skin,
Listen to me, let’s go run away somewhere,
In a small cave far all our happiness we’ll share,
I love you more than your kith and kin.
Mother earth calls out, indulges me in you,
It’s only you about whom I do care,
You are my only gem precious and rare,
Let me drown myself in you.


For I promise you tonight that as long as I stay,
Even the strongest gale won’t extinguish,
No pain shall touch you nor no anguish,
And your night will be merrier than the day.
The warmth of this fire that has lighted tonight,
The heat that the happiness has brought in,
I hereby ask for forgiveness for any of my sin,
This fire won’t disappear, will withstand all might.


A hollow heart, an empty space,
Ruins of a joyous life burnt alive,
From happiness to death in minutes five,
For how long will I go on at this pace?
A feel of competition among the same race,
Struggling for love, a void emotion,
Life and time in the same motion,
How long this trauma will I have to face?


Hello everyone. 🙂 A small intro to this category.. in case you all are wondering what I am trying to say through the next few posts in this category.

The classical elements are those which reflect the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything consists or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of anything are based. Accordingly, there are five of them – fire, water, earth, air and void. I, personally, believe that each and every single element of these represent love – in its own form.

Octaves are sequences of eight lines which follow a particular rhythm – abba abba, i.e., the first and fourth, second and third, fifth and eighth, and sixth and seventh rhyme with each other.

I have tried to combine all this and present to you five octaves on the five classical elements trying to show you, how I feel, they are connected to love. I sincerely hope you will read them and give me fruitful comments.

Ek Martaba

Itminaan ke gar do pal mile tumhe,
Toe chup ke se kahi baithkar socho yeh baat,
Kahan gayi wo tehzeeb, wo reet saare,
Jis ke bal par ye jahan chala karta tha.

Ek martaba zindagi ke taraf mudhkar dekho,
Dikhanaa chahti hai wo tumhe ek maseeha,
Kehna chahti hai ek gal aaj tumse,
Ki rehguzar hai hum, do pal hi humne jeeya.

Shab mei chaandni ki thandak ke neeche,
Kitaabo-nisaabo mein parhi hui mohabbat,
Dekhkar akasmaat yeh baat se dil ghabraayi,
Ki sahiba mirza ko mili kyu judaai.

Mashooqa har raat marrte hi rehte hain,
Raanjhey har roz bante hai jogi,
Sanu allah ne milaya kehte hai nischai hi,
Par ghutan ki zindagi jeete hai sabhi.

Jisne bhi ki justujoo, usay toe khuda mil gaya,
Humne socha chup rehtey hai, poocho humain kia mila,
Jiski thi jo aarzoo khuda ne poori ki har ek ki,
Unse hi poocho aakhir woh usse kia maangi.

Likhna sunaana toe chalte hi rahega,
Syaahi khatm ho jayegi dastaan nahi,
Par chup hone se pehle ik dafa ye sun lo,
Jahan tumne mujhe chhora tha, ab bhi hun main wahin.