Square One

So many things I thought that day,
So many promises I made that night,
That I would throw out of my life
Those incidents that passed with all my might.
There is no one in my life I thought,
And tried to pretend to myself,
That never ever did I know her,
And threw away the cards on that shelf.
Yet now after so so many days,
I finally realize God’s ways,
What he had intended by what he gave,
And what I thought was only my crave.
Those roads where we walked a hundred times,
Those dreams which we wove together at times,
All have broken for her may be,
But in my mind they still grow like a tree.
The string of love she may have broken,
Yet the other part of it is for me a token.
How much ever I think there is no one,
I know deep I have come back to square one,
That love of her, those moments we share,
Go tell her someone, that about her I still care,
And may be we will someday again meet,
Won’t cry, will smile, but beneath my feet,
The earth will crumble to pieces when I see,
That him of her where I should be.


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