Someone’s Need

Walking on the streets on a bright sunny day,
Wondering why the moon cast shadows yesternight,
And why the rains stopped so suddenly,
When yesterday they were crying with such might.
The blooming blossoms I crushed under my feet,
And spat on the ground a thousand times,

Cursed God for what he had done to me,

That no more in my mind the same bell chimes.

Something drastic had happened to me,

I don’t know how, I don’t know when,
As if after a thousand years,
Had fallen the nest of a lonely wren.
And I took out my wallet and from it the picture,
Tore it into pieces and flew it in the breeze,

The sunny morning was still as gloomy,
And my life was under her  seize.
When nothing came into my mind anymore,

And I couldn’t figure out where this road was leading me,
I turned back to see if I could return,
But alas, the road I was walking on was unknown to me.
So I had no choice but to move on it,
See where it would finally take me,
Whether there was a tunnel at the end,

Beyond which would be that evergreen tree.

The tree of love I had planted long ago,
That time it was only a seed,
But now that I had watered and nurtured it,
Would it have turned into someone’s need?

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