There’s the window I used to stand at,
Looking at the road that leads to her house,
And when I see it now I remember,
The footpath we walked where my feelings rose.
The set of her eyes, those dark twinkling ones,
The hand of her, in my hand it stayed,
For so many hours, and now it’s away.
The anklet’s chime, the feelings they brought,
My sleep, her dreams, my sufferings, her smile.
The times we met at her house, or the roads,
I saw my yellow one turning into a red rose.
Little did I know that building I was,
Castles of sand that would get washed,
Washed by the tears that rushed through my eyes,
And flow even today though the memories are iced.
Chained was I to what I didn’t know,
And couldn’t break it though I tried high and low.
Then one day she came, unhooked my chain,
Took me with her, through that same lane,
And I was so happy and I was so keen,
Till I found out that it was all a dream.
The leaves which fell last autumn call me,
The leaves of love, they cry and call me,
Tell me that she’s gone, don’t wait for her,
Try to bring back in me that shudder,
The feel I got when I first saw her with him,
Whom I didn’t know and didn’t want to meet him,
I want her alone as I am right now,
And surely we’ll join, and that’s my vow.

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